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7 Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home This Fall

7 TIPS TO ALLERGY-PROOF YOUR HOME THIS FALL Seasonal Allergy Relief When people think of “seasonal allergies” they usually associate it with Springtime. However, Fall can be just as troubling for those who suffer from allergies as Spring can be. Along with cooling temperatures and the leaves changing colors, weeds and plants start to release [...]

What’s in Your Carpet?

WHAT'S IN YOUR CARPET? Common Carpet ContaminantsAllergens Pollen, dust mites, and dust are invisible to the naked eye but exist within your carpets both at home and in the office. These organisms contribute to allergy symptoms, which More than 50 million Americans have experienced[1]. Symptoms can include but are not limited to such as respiratory [...]

Why Carpet Cleaning Prices Are Justified

WHY CARPET CLEANING PRICES ARE JUSTIFIED How much is carpet cleaning and is it worth it? More often than not, YES. Cleaning your carpet is absolutely and without a shadow of a doubt WORTH IT. Any regular vacuum cleaner can accomplish only so much, while professional carpet cleaning from bioHome will clean your carpet at [...]

Why Winter is the Best Time to Clean Carpets and Upholstery

SHOULD I HAVE MY CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANED IN THE WINTER? Many homeowners and property managers believe it's best to postpone carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning until the spring, however, this is a common misconception. While it's true that you're carpet will go through the stresses of snow and ice in the winter, there's many [...]