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carpet cleaning edina, edina duct cleaning, edina couch cleaning

bioHome services all of Edina, MN

What makes our Carpet Cleaning Service in Edina, MN different?

The bioHome difference lies in our cleaning practices. While other companies in Edina leave remnants of soap and toxic chemicals in your carpet and upholstery, our practices result in truly clean fabrics when the job is finished!

  • Superior products: Our cleaners are Green Seal-certified effective and safe for kids, pets and everyone else you love.
  • Superior equipment: It operates IN your Edina home, close to your carpets – with higher suction for better cleaning and faster drying – and no hoses running out your door and down your sidewalk.
  • Superior service: Two technicians means twice the attention to detail. They even move your furniture so your carpets are clean from edge to edge!
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The word is out in Edina, MN! The best carpet, upholstery and duct cleaning in Edina comes from bioHome. You can rest at ease knowing that your family and pets aren’t being exposed to toxic chemicals and that your carpet and upholstery are TRULY clean!